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About Karen

Karen Mattison founded Tokyo Hypnotherapy in 2007. She is the former Outreach Coordinator for the International Mental Health Professionals of Japan and a former workshop coordinator for TELL. Click here for Karen's blog, Tokyo Hypno News.

Karen received her clinical hypnotherapy diploma and advanced training in accelerated healing and pain management from the Hypnotherapy Academy of America
(HAA) in New Mexico. HAA is one of the only hypnotherapy schools in the US that is regulated and approved by a State Board of Education. Consequently, HAA meets the highest standards for hypnotherapy training in the US.

Teachers at HAA included:

  • Gil Boyne, leader in the field of hypnosis and founder of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
  • Tim Simmerman, EMT and author of Medical Hypnotherapy
  • Patrick Singleton, Master NLP Practioner trained directly by NLP Founder John Grinder
  • Dr. Robert Sapien, chief of the University of New Mexico Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Additional Training includes:

Certification in painfree childbirth hypnosis and cancer support hypnosis from Gerald F. Kein, author of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic and Advanced Techniques for the Professional, and longtime (now former) president of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

First certified Blissborn Childbirth Hypnosis Educator in Washington state after training with Blissborn founders Shelley Black and Laura Wood.

Certification in Smokefree International's 'Stop Smoking in One Hour' program by Mindy Ash, founder of the Hawaii Hypnosis Center and author of Say This, Not That.

Also certified in NLP, EFT and Reiki

The pain is gone! 
--HY, following dental implant

I wanted to let you know that the session we had together was profound. It really was a re-integration of a part of myself. Thank you. 
--MH, coping with anger management

The trauma is not completely gone, but I can talk about it now without crying. I used to not even be able to bring myself to talk about it, even though [my daughter] lived. 
--LS, overcoming trauma of witnessing a near-fatal accident

The session helped me to accept things the way they are. There is a reason why x or y happens, even if we don't see it right now. 
--AM, working on self-acceptance

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