Looking for Help?

Are you looking for help?

I am currently working on continuing education in the field of LogotherapyUnfortunately, due to time constraints, I am only able to schedule ongoing and former clients at present. If this is you, then please get in touch.

If you are looking for information, then I highly recommend Anthony Cox and Christine Kodama.

Anthony Cox has been able to help people who have not been able to get results with other forms of therapy and/or their own work in personal development. I have referred many clients to him over the years and have sought his help myself. Anthony speaks English and Japanese. Click here.

Christine Kodama is an NLP practitioner (Ericksonian hypnotherapist). She has had particular success in helping people overcome blocks. I have referred clients to her when I have been on vacation. She speaks English, French, and Japanese. Click here.

I was not paid to refer clients to either Anthony or Christine. I believe in the value of their work.

There is no shame in seeking help! Please do not stop here because of a roadblock: contact Anthony or Christine. 

Best wishes,


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