Reduce Stress with Sleep (Earthquake & Aftermath)

I hope this post finds all of you well. Certainly in stressful times like this, the best thing to do is to stay calm. In my case, staying calm has involved lots of sleep. Sleep restores the body to its best condition, better able to think and cope with the challenges we face while awake. If you are having trouble sleeping because of the stress, I suggest any of the following if possible in your part of Tokyo (access to milk, running water, etc.):

*journalling about your fears to process emotions
*drinking hot milk to induce sleepiness
*drinking chamomile tea or hot water to relax
*taking a hot bath to soothe the body
*stretching to release lactic acid and tension in the muscles
*exercising to burn off tension and restless energy
*deep breathing to release CO2 from the lungs and clear your mind
*meditating to center your mind
*hypnosis to relax mentally and physically

I am available for skype sessions if you need help relaxing or processing the emotions stirred up by this situation. Stay safe and get some sleep!

Best wishes,

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