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Reiki I Training
Learn how to channel universal energy for your healing and relaxation! Once you have been opened to this energy, you can use it anytime anywhere on anyone.

Since Reiki is completely painless and can be passed without any manipulation of the body, it is safe for use on anyone, even those who cannot tolerate other complementary therapies.

Reiki requires no chemicals (like homeopathy or aromatherapy), no touch (like reflexology or kinesiology), and no manipulation (like cranial-sacral therapy). Reiki also causes no pain (like acupuncture or shiatsu) and does not require standing (like taichi or qigong). Therefore, Reiki is suitable for use by and with everyone.

Reiki energy cannot be overused, misused, or harmful to either the practioner or the recipient. Reiki I can be learned in 4-6 hours depending on class size. Follow-up training is also available.

Private or Group Classes conducted by request

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