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Tokyo Hypnotherapy has appeared in the Japan Times, the Daily Yomiuri, Being-A-Broad, InTouch, Pink, and Tokyo Families and is a proud sponsor of events organized by Being A Broad, Foreign Executive Women, For Empowering Women, Japan Market Expansion Competition, People for Social Change, Shine On! Kids, Tyler Foundation, and more.

*Read about Karen Mattison, CHT, in the Japan Times here
*Read Karen's blog Tokyo Hypno News here
*Ready to change? Call Karen at 080-6553-5525 or email to have Karen call you
*Fraud Alert: It has come to Karen's attention that disreputable individuals are impersonating Karen online by using similar email addresses. To ensure that your email reaches the correct address, call 080-6553-5525 prior to emailing or to confirm receipt. (Voice mail may take up to 30 seconds to engage).

For your own safety and protection, be careful about whom you choose to allow access to your powerful subconscious mind. Karen is simply the best-trained, most experienced, and most ethical certified clinical hypnotherapist in Japan. Tokyo Hypnotherapy gets results.

Top 5 Session Requests
Smoking Cessation * Weight Loss * Stress Relief * Confidence * Motivation

Top 5 Training Requests
Childbirth Hypnosis * Chronic Pain Management * Surgical Preparation and Recovery * Medical Procedure Preparation * Study and Exam Preparation

Personal and Professional Development
*Increase creativity, concentration, productivity, and more
*Overcome habits, phobias, and self-limiting beliefs
*Release anger, fear, and grief
*Relax quickly and easily

Karen has experience with habits such as hair pulling, teeth grinding, and nail biting; phobias such as flying, enclosed spaces, and public speaking; and many more common and not-so-common issues

Medical Support and Pain Management
*Manage or eliminate pain: childbirth, chronic pain and post-surgical pain
*Accelerate healing: pre- and post-surgery and post-injury or illness
*Improve tolerance of medication and medical treatments
*Overcome medical anxiety, phobia, and trauma
*Increase acceptance and positive outlook
*Lower blood pressure
*Relieve insomnia

Karen is uniquely qualified in medical support hypnosis and has experience working with allergies, asthma, arthritis, cancer, dental phobia, infertility, kidney disease, sexual dysfunction, and more

The pain is gone!
--HY, following dental implant

I wanted to let you know that the session we had together was profound. It really was a re-integration of a part of myself. Thank you.
--MH, coping with anger management

The trauma is not completely gone, but I can talk about it now without crying. I used to not even be able to bring myself to talk about it, even though [my daughter] lived.
--LS, overcoming trauma of witnessing a near-fatal accident

The session helped me to accept things the way they are. There is a reason why x or y happens, even if we don't see it right now.
--AM, working on self-acceptance


Hypnotherapy is NOT a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any medical, psychiatric, or psychological ailment. Persons with physical ailments or complaints should see a medical doctor for treatment and obtain a doctor’s consent to use hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment. Persons with mental disabilities or illnesses should see a mental health professional.

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