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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy
Tokyo Hypnotherapy has appeared in the Japan Times, the Daily Yomiuri, Being-A-Broad, InTouch, Pink, and Tokyo Families and is a proud sponsor of events organized by Being A Broad, Foreign Executive Women, For Empowering Women, Japan Market Expansion Competition, People for Social Change, Shine On! Kids, Tyler Foundation, and more. Click here for Karen's blog, Tokyo Hypno News.

    Stress * Smoking * Pain * Sleep * Habits * Confidence * Motivation 

Top Training Requests
   Mindfulness & Stress Management * Pain Reduction * Medical Support

Personal and Professional Development
*Increase creativity, concentration, productivity, and more
*Overcome habits, phobias, and self-limiting beliefs
*Release blocking emotions (anger, fear, and grief)
*Learn to relax anywhere, anytime

Medical Support
*Manage or eliminate pain: childbirth, chronic pain and post-surgical pain
*Accelerate healing: pre- and post-surgery and post-injury or illness
*Improve tolerance of medication and medical treatments
*Overcome medical anxiety, phobia, and trauma
*Increase acceptance and positive outlook
*Stop insomnia

Can a Hypnotist Help Me?
Karen Mattison has worked with professional entertainers and athletes, top executives, government personnel and military members, educators, psychotherapists, tourists, children, and many others who had a strong desire to change and chose our support to do so. Serving the diverse residents of Tokyo is a privilege and an honor. There is nothing shameful about seeking help or weird about working with a hypnotist. Start on your journey to a better you today.


Hypnotherapy is NOT a replacement for diagnosis or treatment of any medical, psychiatric, or psychological ailment. Persons with physical ailments or complaints should see a medical doctor for treatment and obtain a doctor’s consent to use hypnotherapy as an adjunct to medical treatment. Persons with mental disabilities or illnesses should see a mental health professional. Hypnosis is a self-help technique.

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